These pictures of this patio that has stained and discolored concrete surfaces. The pictures show that the dark gray color can be cleaned using our flat surface equipment. The during picture shows the contrast between the original and clean surfaces. The last picture with the very light areas shows the color when the surface is completely dry--the other surfaces are still wet and will be lighter when dry. This type of cleaning is inexpensive and it makes the dingy patio look so much better.



This picture shows an areas where brick on chimneys is stained with run off from gutters. The stain ran from near the top of the chimney to the ground--in this case almost 3 stories. These pictures show before (black stain)--during (partial cleaning)--and after of just one section to see how well the treatment worked. This is done with solvent, hand brushing (if needed), and spray/rinse--so that the surface is not damaged by the cleaning process.

Concrete and brick washing services in State College, PA
Concrete patio washing services in State College PA